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I UK [vjuː] / US [vju] noun
Word forms "view":
singular view plural views
a) [countable] a personal opinion, belief, or attitude about a particular situation or subject
view on:

Jill and I have somewhat different views on the election.

view about:

asking him his views about global warming

view that:

It's our view that women should get paid the same as men.

in someone's view:

How important was it, in your view, that the two leaders had a good personal relationship?

take the view that:

I take the view that education should be available to all.

b) [singular] a particular way of thinking about something

Overall, we take a positive view of the stock market's long-term potential.

The film offers a rather bleak view of contemporary youth.

Adjectives frequently used with view
▪  alternative, balanced, different, differing, diverging, general, prevailing Verbs frequently used with view as the object ▪  air, confirm, echo, endorse, exchange, express, form, hold, reflect, reinforce, share, support, take
a) [countable/uncountable] the ability to see something from a particular place
view of:

We had a spectacular view of the mountains from our room.

block someone's view:

The new houses are going to block our view.

in view (= close enough to be seen):

We kept the other car in view for a while, but then lost sight of it.

in full view (= easily seen by many people):

The showers were in full view of (= easily seen by) everyone in the pool.

come into view (= become able to be seen):

The castle came into view (= became able to be seen) as we turned the corner.

b) [countable] the area or place that can be seen

a sea/mountain view

From the top the view was breathtaking.

Adjectives frequently used with view
▪  breathtaking, magnificent, panoramic, spectacular, splendid, stunning, superb
3) [countable] a picture or photograph of a place, especially an attractive place

take a dim/poor view of — to not approve of something

My boss takes a dim view of anyone who arrives late for meetings.

with a view to (doing) something — with the hope of doing something in the future

They bought the building with a view to converting it into holiday homes.


II UK [vjuː] / US [vju] verb [transitive]
Word forms "view":
present tense I/you/we/they view he/she/it views present participle viewing past tense viewed past participle viewed
1) to think about or consider a subject or issue in a particular way

Chris and I view the role of education somewhat differently.

view someone/something as:

The Internet is viewed by many as a revolutionary educational tool.

view something with suspicion/scepticism/concern/alarm etc:

The arms treaty was viewed with suspicion.

2) to look at or watch something
view something from something:

Viewed from the road, the wall looked too high to climb.

a) formal to look at something carefully or in detail

Would you like to make an appointment to view the property?

b) to look at information on a computer screen

To view the next page, press "tab".

c) formal to watch a television programme or a film

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